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New and looking for help [27 Aug 2008|02:00am]



I am new here, and, like many of you have been searching all of my life for some sort of proof of the afterlife.

To be honest, I haven't found much and despite my collections of ghost stories, my avid watching of supernatural reality television, and my visits to haunted locations, I still find myself in need  of proof that SOMETHING exists after this.  I'm assuming I'm not alone.

I call this being a Ghost Skeptic....someone who is quite obsessed with the supernatural and life after death, but someone who still doesn't quite believe it exists. 

So I'm writing a book...an article...I'm trying to gather a collection of TRUE stories from people who have had experiences.  I'm not the first one, nor will I be the last, but this is something I am very dedicated to.

Please, if you have a story, let me know in your reply.  If you'd rather tell me over private e-mails, I'd be happy to do that as well, just give me your e-mail address as I will be making ALL replies screened and will not post any you would rather not have me post.  Having as many details in your stories is very important...the names of places and buildings, dates, years, etc.  Names can be changed if you wish.  

I will not use past posted stories, as I will require your permission to use said story if I actually do finish this.  Even if I don't, I will send all of you what I have compiled.

Either way, this is just the beginning of this adventure (well the prologue is written) and I hope to find real people on Live Journal to participate. 

Thank you for your time, and here's to not being a skeptic any longer!

If this is not allowed, I apologize. 

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Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy [18 Jun 2008|04:11pm]
Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy
 by: Marilyn Pokorney
Dogs get plaque and tartar on their teeth just like humansdo. Cleaning your dogs teeth between professional cleaningsis very simple.
Keeping your dogs teeth and gums clean will eliminate "doggybreath" as well as keep your dog healthy.
Most veterinarians suggest twice a week brushings. Whenbrushing teeth, use baking soda or a special toothpasteformulated for dogs, not toothpaste for humans. Pettoothpastes contain enzymes that help dissolve plaque andcan be swallowed. They also taste good.
Use a toothbrush designed for pets or small children. Orjust use gauze or a washcloth if the pet doesn't like thebrush.
Tooth brushing is best but if the dog won't let you brushit's teeth then giving it something to chew that rubs on thesides of the teeth is useful.
Although dogs do not usually get cavities in their teeth,tooth problems result from soft foods that can leave debrisin gum pockets at the base of the teeth, known asgingivitis. Infections form which soften and cause the gumsto recede. Bad breath is a symptom.
Tartar buildup can be removed from teeth by rubbing with asolution of three percent hydrogen peroxide. Advancedbuildup requires scraping with dental instruments. Someveterinarians use ultrasonics now as well, so the treatmentis more pleasant.
For between dental visits, provide soft chew toys made ofrubber or nylon and something made of fiber like a chew ropewhich helps to wipe the teeth clean.
For more information on how to keep your dogs teeth andmouth healthy visit: .apluswriting.net/petcare/dogteeth.htm
Copyright: 2005 Marilyn Pokorney
REQUIREMENTS FOR REPRINT: You have permission to publishthis article free of charge in your e-zine, newsletter,ebook, print publication or on your website ONLY if itremains unchanged and you include the copyright and authorinformation (Resource Box) at the end. You may not usethis article in any unsolicited commercial email (spam).
You may retrieve this article by:
Autoresponder: dogteeth@getresponse.com
Website: .apluswriting.net/articles/dogteeth.txt
Please leave the resource box intact with an active link,and send a courtesy copy of the publication in which thearticle appears to: marilynp@nctc.net

Lool here! What To Expect From A Havanese
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[21 May 2007|12:20pm]

If I may I'd like to introduce to everyone a new community I've started called 'ghostevidence'.

This community is for people to present what they believe to be evidence of the paranormal. This evidence can be in the form of a video, a photograph, an EVP or even just a story so that other members can rationally and intelligently scrutinise and debate about what is being shown.

Also, if you find an interesting photo, video, evp etc. piece of evidence on the internet you'd like to group to see then post it here for us all to have a look at and discuss.

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[23 Aug 2006|07:52pm]

If this doesn't belong here, please delete:
taken from Mellen on myspace:

Ed Warren, an icon in the field of paranormal research and investigations, passed away today, August 23, after a lengthy illness.

I spoke with John Zaffis, who is Ed's nephew, earlier this evening to offer my condolences to him and his family.

John had the following to say: "Ed was a great man and he truly was instrumental in bringing the paranormal to the public's attention."

Funeral services for Ed Warren will be held later this week. He is survived by his wife, Lorraine, who was his constant companion and co-worker in the paranormal arena.

xposted several places..
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A ghost kitten [28 Jul 2006|08:20pm]

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[28 Feb 2006|07:53pm]

please help

I am currently doing a photography project for my university which has to be based around newspaper articles.. SO i was hoping that some of you would have some newspaper articles on ghosts/hauntings, that you could scan.. or maybe you know some links to some already on the internet?

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[22 Dec 2005|11:55pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

If you say bloody mary in the mirrior of a bathroom with the door shut and locked some thing bad will happen. When my friend told me she did just that the outcome was not what she expected, she blacked out and woke up in the middle of her BEDROOM floor crying her eyes out not remembering what had happen in the bathroom. Does anyone think my friend was lying to me? When she told me the story, she was making it seem convincing that it was real.

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Cleansing a space? [14 Dec 2005|05:27pm]

[ mood | curious ]

does anyone know of any ways to communicate with ghosts that you can do by yourself? none of my friends really like playing with a ouija board.
furthermore, if i was in a house with 3 floors, would it offend the ghost(s) living here if i cleansed my room (in the basement) to make them stay out of it, do you think? only the noises freak me out, always have, and i want them to stop so i can finally stop having to leave my radio on all night in order to sleep comfortably. its mostly banging on pipes and knocking on the roof (its not water. just take my word on that.) and then theres the occasional feeling of someone watching me intently, and that can make me uncomfortable. and my room is ALWAYS colder than the rest of the basement, even if i leave the door open all day. and its definetally not just me, because my friend from toronto who came to stay with me this weekend noticed it too. i hadnt told her about anything spiritual in regards to my house, and she was all content and cosy on the oppisite couch in the living room, in the basement,and then around 1:30 she came crawling under my covers absolutely terrified, because my basement ceiling was making "scary noises" and she felt like someone was watching her. i was sleeping soundly, and the house was relatively quiet. after that it refrained from making noises very many noises, save for once..it was like it was trying to be quiet.. maybe its not a ghost doing it, although i know of one thats in my house. does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be??

more importantly, does anyone know any really effective ways to cleanse a space?

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[12 Dec 2005|10:53pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

photo, first postCollapse )

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[31 Oct 2005|04:39pm]

So, I recently had some pretty weird photos posted on here from my cemetery "photo shoot". I (along with others) have pretty much ruled out smoke, breath, fog, leaves, etc. for this photo.

Behind the cut are faces/figures that I, as well as others, have seen in this mist. I am not a professional, and am probably way off on these..but this is what I see. Please comment and tell me if you see anything else!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

an enhanced version, as well as amateur analysesCollapse )
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[29 Oct 2005|10:33pm]

Hello, I'm new here. My name is Kristina, I'm 21, and live in Michigan. I go to Grand Valley State in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm visiting my parents this weekend in Clarkston, Michigan. My family and boyfriend and I decided it would be fun to go take pictures in a couple cemetaries tonight, it being the Halloween season and all. I took a lot of photos with my digital camera, and these ones definitely caught my eye...

weird photosCollapse )

Keep in mind these were all taken with a digital camera, so the things showing up aren't from light leaks or damaged film.

Any ideas what could be going on here?

Also, I bought brand new batteries right before we walked into the cemetary. I took a few photos before we went in, no problems at all. 2 minutes in the cemetary and the camera kept shutting off. I'd turn it back on, it'd take a picture, and then shut off again. Went out of the cemetary and it worked just fine. I went and exchanged the batteries anyway (we were right by the store), and they of course worked perfectly. We went into the second cemetary a few minutes later and the camera started acting weird again and shutting off. Came out and it worked perfectly again. Any ideas why this was happening?
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Hello [29 Oct 2005|11:25am]
Hello everyone,
My name is Kristin and I am new to this community.
I have joined because I have just started a new journal about my experiences as a medium.
If you would like to read about my experiences, feel free to become my friend.

And with Halloween coming up, I was wondering if anyone had any good ghost plans for the day!
(I don't know if I am going to do anything on Halloween proper but next Saturday my family and I are going on a haunted tour).
Take care, Peace and blessings, Kristin
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[25 Oct 2005|07:54pm]

Hi everyone!

I'm a McGill psychology undergraduate student, and I am doing my research project on sleep paralysis. So if any of you would be interested in filling out an online questionnaire, that would be greatly appreciated!


If you have any questions or concerns, you can e-mail me: lizappelin@yahoo.com

Thank you!

X-posted to sleepparalysis, sleep_disorders, astralsociety and my own LJ
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Royal Derwent - Ghost Photo [23 Oct 2005|02:10am]

Hello to all. For those who may or may not already know, I am researching The Royal Derwent / Willow Court complex - an old, abandoned mental asylum in New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia. Over the next 12 - 18 months, I hope to make an independent documentary.

I just wanted to share a photo from our most recent trip. It was taken through a broken window looking into one of the wards. The camera I used was a Cannon EOS 300, a 400 speed film and the flash was used.

Have a look at the glass panel, second from the left. I have also included a close up of the "face".

Pitures are under the cutCollapse )

If you would like to know more about the project and don't already have me on your friends list, please visit royalderwent

I also have a website - http://www.royalderwent.biz

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Inanimate Objects Moving [09 Oct 2005|08:46pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Last night around 1 a.m., I was sitting at my computer minding my own business when I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head and looked at our living room door. The curtains that cover the window were flapping and moving like somebody was holding a corner and moving it up and down. There is no draft and no possible way my cats could reach it. It was starting to creep me out, so I said, "If somebodys there, could you please stop?" Right after I said it, they stopped moving. I relaxed and turned back to the computer when I felt somebody tap my arm. Creepy stuff.

This morning, I was home alone and getting ready to leave somewhere when I heard what sounded like a cough coming from a man. This was extremely not right because I was home alone and it surely couldnt have been one of my cats having a hairball, I had been in the room where I heard it probably not even 3 minutes ago. I went in to investigate and lying on a bed in the room was a towel, which was not there before I heard the cough.

Strange things always seem to happen in my home, but inanimate objects have never moved before. I'm creeped out yet excited.

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First post: Hi [09 Oct 2005|02:56pm]

Hi there,

I've just joined up with this community as I've always been interested in ghosts and the paranormal. One thing caught my eye though and this is a question I've had for many years. On the rules for the community it says:
6. The only acceptable nudity is partial and usually indistinct as occasionally ghosts appear without clothes.

I've always wondered why ghosts are always clothed as effectively it is the person that dies and has a spirit, not the persons clothes. And when they do have clothes are they that of what they were buried/cremated in?

I've never actually seen a nude ghost nor a picture of one.
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[29 Sep 2005|10:32am]

[ mood | tired ]

Well my little 'friend' has been extremely active lately and is actually become quite annoying. Everynight it seems to feel the need to make as much noise as possible and keeps me up all night long. A couple nights ago my roommate and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and we were waiting for a friend of ours to come over. While we were sitting there I heard a loud pounding on glass. Now are back door has a glass window so I thought maybe someone was knocking there. I walked back there and open the door and no one was there. As I was walking back down the hall to the living room there was a loud pounding on the front door, so I stopped and opened it...and again no one was there. I became iritated...LOL...and just went back to the living room and sat down. Twenty minutes later the pounding started to get louder and in our living room. My roommate was pissed and screamed for it to stop, the rest of the night I didn't hear anything.

Last night, all night long it felt the need to open and shut my door and rattle the door handle. I'm exhausted and angry with it.

X-posted in ghost_stories

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folklore project [27 Sep 2005|08:56pm]


I am asking this community on behalf of the Ball State Anthroplogy Club about folklore.

Does anyone have any stories they can share about the Muncie Indiana area. We are condicting research into local myths and stories which include ghost stories and haunted houses. If anyone can either share their own story or refer me to folklorists that are familiar with the East Central Indiana area please let me know!

Thank you very much for your time,

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[15 Sep 2005|02:17am]

The Royal Derwent, or "Willow Court" was the oldest mental institution in Australia before it's closure in the late 90's. Situated in New Norfolk, Tasmania, the majority of the building lies abandoned, pending future redevelopment.

But my interest is in the urban legends and myths of hauntings. Through studying the history of the site and gathering these stories, I am hoping to make an independent documentary over the next 12 to 18 months.

If you have heard stories of the site, enjoy history or just love stories of strange occurrences and hauntings, please friend my journal as I document my journey...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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mini forum waiting for answers [02 Sep 2005|03:10pm]

[ mood | curious ]

i have been thinking lately about crap and how things are related and am curious . . .
what or how do you think the afterlife affects people like for instance which has me thinking for ages of a night trying to think of a logical or plausible answer. here are a few questions which i hope will be talked about a bit . . .

1. Is the afterlife permanent?
Not like can you come back but if you have passed do you go to heaven or somewhere and can be pulled back like for instance no hauntings around an area where a burial ground used to be then someone builds on it you magically have ghosts where before there was none ?? or another significant event happens and you stay here or have you always been here and not fully gone . . . do you feel that ghosts are compelled to haunt or exist?

2. Do you hang around waiting to be able to haunt once you die??? do you think the ghost are hiding and then all of a sudden think im gonna make myself known . . .

3. what are the reasons for staying that you know of??? like grisly death or find my murderer i odnt know violent deaths or why do they stay . . .

just vague questions resulting in maybe no comments but food for thought . . . id like to know what ppl think ... about this topic . . .

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