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mini forum waiting for answers

i have been thinking lately about crap and how things are related and am curious . . .
what or how do you think the afterlife affects people like for instance which has me thinking for ages of a night trying to think of a logical or plausible answer. here are a few questions which i hope will be talked about a bit . . .

1. Is the afterlife permanent?
Not like can you come back but if you have passed do you go to heaven or somewhere and can be pulled back like for instance no hauntings around an area where a burial ground used to be then someone builds on it you magically have ghosts where before there was none ?? or another significant event happens and you stay here or have you always been here and not fully gone . . . do you feel that ghosts are compelled to haunt or exist?

2. Do you hang around waiting to be able to haunt once you die??? do you think the ghost are hiding and then all of a sudden think im gonna make myself known . . .

3. what are the reasons for staying that you know of??? like grisly death or find my murderer i odnt know violent deaths or why do they stay . . .

just vague questions resulting in maybe no comments but food for thought . . . id like to know what ppl think ... about this topic . . .
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