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[are you afraid of the dark?]

find out what lurks in the shadows

g h o s t w a t c h e r s
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Welcome to Ghostwatchers!

This is a community for all the people who are interested in paranormal activity and all that goes with it. We can answer questions, offer tips, share photographs, critique photographs, debate technique, share our opinions on your individual photographs and EVP, and just generally talk it up about ghosts, the paranormal, etc. :)


1. When posting picture, or a long story please use a LJ cut. The code for this is <lj-cut text="Check Out My Photos"> You can use the same tag but remove the text="n" section as well. In this case it will appear as "Read More" when it shows up in your entry.
1b. When posting indistinct photos of what you think may be ghosts please include the original UNEDITED photo as well as any versions with enhancements (ie., lightening, increasing contrast or outlining potential shapes)
2. Please be nice to the other members. Excessive rudeness, or severe altercations may result in the offender being banned from the community.
3. When copying and pasting photos or information please include the URL and the name of the site you got it from. Even when using <img src> tags.
4. Please note that some material and stories on this page may not be suitable for users under 13 years of age. We will not restrict membership, but we would like you to be warned ahead of time.
5. If posting material that may be frightening or gruesome, or include nudity or sexual content please mention that in your post ABOVE the LJ cut and put the image/story behind the cut.
6. The only acceptable nudity is partial and usually indistinct as occasionally ghosts appear without clothes.
7. The only acceptable sexual content is in the context of stories (not photos) where a ghost or entity either sexually attacked or sexually insinuated itself on a living being while that person was asleep or awake.
8. Please be respectful of other people's beliefs, and note that this community is not for religious discussions. That being said, we respect your right to have religious convictions, but we request you discuss them elsewhere.
9. We log the IP addresses of everyone who posts here. Please take note of this fact and do not abuse our comment system.
10. Have fun! Our membership is open to everyone, and we welcome you all!

Useful Links
Ghoststudy.com--Excellent forum discussions and information
The Official Amityville Horror Website--Fact or fiction? You decide.
A Selection of Ghost-Cams--Not all these cams are good, but they're a start.
Jason's Ghost-A ghost cam--Controversial cam, may or may not be real. You decide.

Cleansing Ritual: Due to the community's policy on religion, and the fact that most cleansing rituals are affiliated with one religion or another we will not post this link here. Please e-mail WanderlustLost if you would like a copy of the cleansing she recommends. Different versions available for different religious beliefs.


LJ Name- suziequzie
E-Mail- onecrazysuzie@aol.com
AIM- onecrazysuzie

Head Mod:
LJ Name- wanderlustlost
E-Mail- Darklighter_Solo@hotmail.com
AIM- Wanderlust Lost
MSN- Darklighter_Solo@hotmail.com
Yahoo!- WonksTheFox@yahoo.com
ICQ- 6525908

For questions regarding techinical assistance, membership, general questions, rules, etc. please contact wanderlustlost.
If necessary I can then refer you to our founder, suziequzie.

Please note: All contact information listed in the above Community Info is for me, wanderlustlost. Please contact me with any questions, also please note that I live in the UK so please take this into account when asking a question. My time zone is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and I'm 5 hours ahead of the east coast, 8 head of the west coast, and 10 ahead of Hawaii.

If you need immediate help suziequzie operates on Central Time, but she doesn't do technical maintainence so she should only be able to answer questions about membership and the community itself.

Layout and page background designed and created by wanderlustlost please do not duplicate, edit, or use the background in any way.
Please do not hotlink.

The photos for the main page can be found at the following sites, please click the photos to go to the direct image-link for the aforementioned photos: