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This is my first post to this community.
This is a picture i took a couple years ago. at first i was like, okay, so my picture just got blurred, big deal. then i kept looking at it. the hairline on the second image is similar, but follow the jawline. gaping, would you say? in horror, perhaps? maybe, but the forehead is definetally different. overactive imagination or not, this gives me chills. so i want to know what other people think of it:) it was taken with a digital camera, with only natural lighting, in my basement.

There is a slight haze to the right of me, but im not going to blame that on anything but light from the window. i have no idea what the thingy on the top left side of the picture is, maybe thats what an orb looks like close up cuz i didnt have any overhead lighting, lamps, and i didnt use flash. and then theres THIS THING! i dont think its a spirit guide. ahhh! i suspect it was this nasty evil spirit dude that was in my house at the time but was, last summer,..uhm..driven out, i guess.
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I dont know anything about ghosts but they pretty freaky..maybe its your inner soul lol
Can be a few things.
It's definitely your face, could be a glitch, digital cameras can do that sometimes. My friend Ry used to know how to do 'em.
Secondly, it COULD be a spirit guide, however, considering it's your hair line I see, nose and whatnot, I'm leaning towards glitch.

However, it is mystical.
see, the thing about that is that i found out about a year later how to do that sort of thing with my digital camera, and it could only be done by moving it past my face really fast when it had a slow shutter. and i definetally didnt do that.
And the head is tilted a different way that mine >_< now that I REALLY look at the nose.
One thing that did spring to mind to me was motion blur, or some kind of lighting effect. The lightsource above your head seems to be giving off the same effect.

Interesting picture, mind. :-)
there was no lamp or anything above my head, and the photo didnt use flash. so the only light in the room was from a window near the top of the wall, to the right of me. hmmm.

Deleted comment

the camera didnt move though! i took like 4 or 5 pictures that afternoon, in that very spot, and thats the only one that turned out that way! and if you really look at the picture, the image to the left doesnt really look like me. the hairline looks at it at first, but the head is tilted a different way! i had the same conclusion at first, but that is definetally not me.