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Cleansing a space?

does anyone know of any ways to communicate with ghosts that you can do by yourself? none of my friends really like playing with a ouija board.
furthermore, if i was in a house with 3 floors, would it offend the ghost(s) living here if i cleansed my room (in the basement) to make them stay out of it, do you think? only the noises freak me out, always have, and i want them to stop so i can finally stop having to leave my radio on all night in order to sleep comfortably. its mostly banging on pipes and knocking on the roof (its not water. just take my word on that.) and then theres the occasional feeling of someone watching me intently, and that can make me uncomfortable. and my room is ALWAYS colder than the rest of the basement, even if i leave the door open all day. and its definetally not just me, because my friend from toronto who came to stay with me this weekend noticed it too. i hadnt told her about anything spiritual in regards to my house, and she was all content and cosy on the oppisite couch in the living room, in the basement,and then around 1:30 she came crawling under my covers absolutely terrified, because my basement ceiling was making "scary noises" and she felt like someone was watching her. i was sleeping soundly, and the house was relatively quiet. after that it refrained from making noises very many noises, save for once..it was like it was trying to be quiet.. maybe its not a ghost doing it, although i know of one thats in my house. does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be??

more importantly, does anyone know any really effective ways to cleanse a space?
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